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Yoga for pregnant woman!

Updated: May 11, 2023

Pregnancy can be a difficult period for women. It is a changing and different time for a woman's body when you are preparing to bring another life to earth. You may experience some side effects, and some actions would need to be avoided.

But what about Pregnancy Yoga? Not really! Through this blog, we will look at the best pregnancy asanas for pregnant women.

Marjariasana or the Cat Pose

Some women experience stiffness and aches in their bodies during pregnancy. The Cat pose works well for relaxing the body and the mind.


1. First up, come on to your knees with your palms on the ground

2. Take a deep breath and raise your neck while you draw the spine inwards and throw out the tail bone

3. Now, exhale and put your face back down

4. Try to move your spine outwards and inwards along with the breath movement

5. You must practice this yoga for 10 to 12 rounds

Trikonasana or the Triangle Pose

Trikonasana has been known to strengthen the knees and joints. It also stretches the spine, legs, and neck. Overall, this pose helps in maintaining the body's flexibility during pregnancy. You will also feel lighter since this pose aids digestion and calms the mind.

It is suggested to first practice some warm-up exercises to avoid any injuries.


1. Stand erect along with your feet apart

2. Take a breath in and then bring your arms sideways for them to come to the shoulder level

3. Take your right foot to the right side

4. Now, exhale and turn your body to the right side with your right hand towards the ground. Your left hand should be upwards.

5. The left-arm will be in a straight line with the right arm

6. It would help if you held this posture for a while

7. Do not forget to repeat it on the other side

Baddha Konasana or Butterfly Pose

This is another Pregnancy Yoga pose that enhances your flexibility, specifically in the groin area. It also aids in opening up the hips. Practicing this pose in the last trimester can also be helpful in the delivery process.

Butterfly pose is suited for people with thigh pain and knee ache during pregnancy. This asana promotes blood circulation and thus reduces stress and helps indigestion.


1. You must sit with your back straight on the ground with both the feet soles touching each other.

2. Your feet should be as close to the pelvis as possible

3. You should hold the feet with your hands and flap your legs

4. Once you inhale, try to feel the energy in your backbone

5. With every breath, you are bound to feel the energy in the spine

6. Try to stay in this position for about 2 or 3 minutes

Wrap Up

That's it, folks! The best yoga for pregnant women is listed for you in the crispest way possible. Do try these asanas under the supervision of an expert and enjoy your pregnancy to the peak!



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