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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

With the dream to create revolution in the industrial sector and broaden the horizon of indigenous talent "Starshelf Groups" was established in 2019 now known as " Seedboxx consumer care."

Our primary vision is to bridge the gap in FMCG sector through latest technology to provide result oriented products to consumers, and reviving the methods of production.

In care of Nature

We re-live the forgotten era of Indian Tradition

We choose our raw ingredients very carefully from the farms directly.

All the selected raw materials and ingredients are then tested  in our internal laboratory as per regulations for quality and purity before using them in formulation.

The selected and tested ingredients are further sent for production at our facility where we maintain extreme hygiene during the entire manufacturing process.

After the final products are ready, we do the absolute testing in our laboratory for the fine quality, efficacy check of the perfect balance of high end quality products of TinyOne.

TinyOne's final product after final testing are then packed in our high end packaging material. Only then our products are sent further in market to reach you.

Why we launched TinyOne?

To Give a child wholesome upbringing, we wanted to imbibe our traditional practices with the requirements of the modern times. The nature abounds with the necessary resources that help in the overall development of a baby. 

Our culture deems valuable treasures of nature, which over the years gave way to simple practices and remedies for baby care.

TinyOne was established with the sole purpose to rekindle our age-old indigenous practices to suit the needs of Today's children.

Your baby not only needs warmth and Love, but also good care for a healthy growth. 

Back to our roots, A mother's womb is the safest haven for a baby. With the first breath your baby takes step into the outer, new world altogether.

The cocoon prolongs with breastfeeding, but equally precious are our traditional practices that ensured healthy growth of babies.

Our grandma's wisely and lovingly involved themselves in baby care. 

India is bountiful with natural resources that provide oils, herbs and other ingredients for nourishment and complete growth of your baby. We have simply blended all the treasured ingredients to come up with a range of products that would best suite and take care of your baby. 

Our Moto

Our motto is to proficiently blend traditional elements with modern aspects, to make living better for us and our future generations. 

Our values we consider your happiness and trust in us as our success. We are committed to provide solutions to make life better for all. We will never compromise on our authenticity. We believe emotions play an important part in  everything. So, right from our team, business associates, every other person related to us, to our customers we trust each one of you.

Our Values


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